Hey, I am Jai! I am on a journey to reclaim the countless years of my life that had been stripped away.

While growing up, I was very lucky to have been raised in a household where I was told, “the sky is the limit.” I always had amazing self-confidence and never accepted no for an answer.

However, two major events occurred that had a major effect on my weight, health, and overall wellbeing. In my early teens, I was diagnosed with a knee condition that caused me to cease most physical activity. Then in my early twenties, I had two high-risk pregnancies within a two and a half year period.  During both pregnancies, I spent my time on strict bed rest. As a result of these life circumstances, I gained over 250LB’s in the course of a 10 year period. I found myself greatly limited in my day-to-day activities, which drastically changed my quality of life. I felt lost and confused. I was missing that active happy young girl that I loved and once was.

I finally decided I had enough and now am on a mission to reclaim my life one small victory at a time.

Please join me on my journey to self-discovery and improvement through the good the bad, and the amazing.



Hi, my name is Terrence McDuffy and I am Jai’s trainer. I am a martial artist, instructor, mentor, personal trainer, and fitness enthusiast. I have my black belt in Kajukenbo, a mixed Martial art that was started in Hawaii. I also study Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

I was raised by my close knit family and am the eldest of three siblings. Growing up, my parents placed a great deal of importance on education, wellness, and how to treat others with kindness and respect. While in college I befriended a group of guys with the same mindset of working hard and sharing knowledge. These group of friends helped to reinforced my deep love for fitness and helping others. I get a great deal of satisfaction from seeing others succeed, hoping they too will gain the same joy helping others. While I was in college, my family decided to open a martial arts school. In addition to teaching self-defense, the school also tutors and mentors kindergarten through 12th-grade students, and offers fitness and dance classes. I organize and lead most of the fitness classes and personal training sessions. Lead by my passion for helping others, I make an effort give back to the community by teaching free classes in my spare time.

Most of my adult life has been spent helping others overcome mental and physical obstacles by achieving healthy and active lifestyles. Though many of my clients are training for weight management or aesthetic reasons, I focus on teaching proper form, functionality, and how the exercises can be applied in real life situations. I have known Jai for several years and she has trained with me off and on for three years. In January she made a decision to rededicate herself to improving her health and fitness by joining one of the classes that I teach. During this time we began to share knowledge about wellness and the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Jai exhibited such a willpower to achieve her goals that it only seemed natural to team up and share our knowledge and story to help others along the way.

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